Pope’s Kids Place provides individualized care for children and young adults with exceptional medical and behavioral needs to strengthen them, their families, and the community.

All children with medical, emotional, or learning challenges need and deserve extra help. The families of children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs seek respite from constant care and they deserve the opportunity to make a living for their families. We strongly believe that children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs must have a place where they can be safe, physically comfortable, and genuinely loved. Today, patients come from all over the Pacific Northwest for Pope’s Kids Place unique programs and level of expertise.

We have always been a proactive and family-centric organization. In addition to helping children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs, we are also providing their families with the education and critical support they need to be successful.

Every child is different. Therefore, we are dedicated to treating each child with a specifically tailored approach that is comprehensive and warmly nurturing. Our passionate care providers are both expert and empathetic. This unique approach to care is inspired and often transformational. We are determined to positively influence the way children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs are supported and respected.

Many children participating in our programs are more active and engaged in life than before. And the levels of skill and success that Pope’s Kids Place is known for has motivated other organizations to emulate us.  As a thought-leader, and because we are continuously innovating, our programs have gained long-term respect and credibility. Other organizations know that they can rely on us to be a collaborative and generous partner and that we will share best practices to ensure success for all.

Another reason families seek out Pope’s Kids Place is because we are inclusive and  accept the challenge of providing compassionate care for families of children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs that have no other options. These are families that may have been turned away by other care providers.   They feel safe and are comforted by knowing that we understand the challenges of special needs care better than anyone and they place their trust in us.

Pope’s Kids Place provides families of children with exceptional medical and behavioral needs an opportunity to economically contribute to the community. Their children are also empowered by gaining important skills needed for education, work, and a hopeful future.

By volunteering or donating to Pope’s Kids Place you become part of a caring organization that is inclusive, necessary and always growing. Please join us as we continually innovate integrated care practices for children with special needs and help to transition young adults with knowledge, skill, and love.

“The program is one of a kind, and to my knowledge, not replicated anywhere else in the country.” – Randy Middlebrook.