Pope’s Kids Place provides individualized care for children and young adults with exceptional medical and behavioral needs to strengthen them, their families, and the community.



“The whole concept of a Pope’s Kids Place providing unquestionable necessary services (regardless of the ability to pay) to families of kids with special needs is truly a godsend. An organization and program like yours is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.”

– Randy Middlebrook

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The vision of Pope’s Kids Place is build and inspire healthier lives.

Our purpose is providing comprehensive and integrated health and social services with a focus on children with special needs helps alleviate effects that disabilities pose on our families and communities. These services will ensure families their children have the opportunity to achieve healthy lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe every child is extraordinary and merits unique and specialized care to give them the quality of life they deserve. Pope’s Kids Place fills a need in not only our community, but also the communities across the country.

We offer unique and rare specialized care that is not easily replicated but incredibly crucial to the well-being of children and families with special needs. We want to be the template to duplicate when it comes to caring for medically complex & fragile children.

We are here not because we want to be, but because we need to be. We are taking the steps necessary to ensure the sustainability of such a vital organization. The need for special needs care can happen to anyone at anytime, and we want to be here for you when it does -always.

“I wouldn’t choose a better place for my children to see. That is how amazing they are”

– Nakita Man


Our founders, Dr. Isaac Pope and his wife Jo Pope:

Isaac Pope MD has been practicing pediatric medicine in Lewis County since 1979. Through his pediatric practice, he recognized a lack of services for children with special healthcare needs and their families. Commenting on the exhaustion and struggles of the families who had children with special needs, he said, “One thing I noticed was the disintegration of the families. There was no break, 24/7”. From that moment, the mission was clear.

Dr. Pope selected community leaders in health care, education, and real estate to be Board Members to form a 501c3 non-profit organization known as Lewis County Children with Special Needs. Later the name was changed to Pope’s Kids Place. After planning, fundraising, and hard work of many volunteers, respite care and pediatric medical services began in 1998. Additional services of dental care and preschool were added later.

Through the dedication of Dr. Pope, Jo, great staff, and the community, Pope’s Kids Place continues to provide services for some of our most vulnerable children.

“I have nothing but GOOD to say about Pope’s Respite Center!
They are awesome! Thanks for being there for our special babies.”

– Shanna Caskey