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Pope's Kids Place Dental Services photo taken May 2007

Pope's Kids Place Dental Clinic is located at 711 Harrison, Centralia, WA. Phone number 360-736-5405

Pope's Kids Place children's dental program offers what can be referred to as the beginning stages of a child's dental experience. Services are for children as soon as they have their first tooth up to age 10 on a DSHS medical coupon.

Children with special needs on DSHS coupons are treated up to age 18.

The staff focuses on an age appropriate dental exam and hygiene instruction along with application of fluoride varnish. Additional restorative services are also available if needed.

Our clinic provides a family friendly atmosphere and allows the parents to be a part of the experience.

Who is Eligible?

Pope's Kids Place Dental Services photo taken May 2007

  • Children 0-10 years of age
  • Special needs children up to age 18
  • Children who have a DSHS medical coupon

What Will This Program Do?

  • Give your child a great start in life by making sure all baby teeth are healthy
  • Provide a positive dental experience
  • Prevent your child from later experiencing the pain and discomfort of dental disease

What are the Program Benefits?

  • 3 fluoride varnish applications yearly
  • 2 dental exams yearly
  • 2 parent education classes yearly
  • Restorative care as needed

Pope's Kids Place takes referrals from local dentists and pediatric clinics for all children with special needs up to approximately age 18 for screening exams.

Dental-related Websites

  • Access to Baby and Child Dentistry   ABCD focuses on preventive and restorative dental care for Medicaid-eligible children from birth to age six, with emphasis on enrollment by age one. It is based upon the premise that starting dental visits early will yield positive behaviors by both parents and children, thereby helping to control the caries process and reduce the need for costly future restorative work.
  • Citizen's Watch for Kids' Oral Health   Launched in July 2000 and funded by the Washington Dental Service Foundation, Citizens' Watch is a response to the Surgeon General's call for states to do a better job of preventing oral disease.
  • Dental Health Advice
  • Oral Hygiene Program: DSHS   The Division of Developmental Disabilities has been offering an oral hygiene program on a statewide basis for over twenty years. The program offers training and information regarding the prevention of dental disease and referrals to dental professionals for people with developmental disabilities. The program is provided at no expense to people with developmental disabilities living in Washington State.

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