Our Strategic Goals

We work towards our goals while always upholding our overall values: being Respectful and Trustworthy, working with Honesty, Integrity, and Compassion, and contributing to our team with Collaboration and Open Communication.

What We’ve Been Up To:


  • Have a strong board presence
  • Strong leadership team
  • Forward-looking board and staff
  • Lobbying at state legislature

Marketing Efforts

  • Revised and implemented new marketing strategy
  • Website creation and development
  • Enhanced our social media presence


  • Successful Gala
  •  Won 1st  place overall in the annual Santa Parade


  •  Improved physical properties
  •  Increased capacity of pediatric group home
  • Development of Young Adult family home


  • Expanded technology
  • Purchased state of the art mobility van
  • Developed a strategy for team building
  • Developed and implemented continue education for staff


  •  Analyses of behavioral respite program
  • Re-organization of Early Learning Center